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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 31, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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on your location, and i am slipping into verse here. storm scan3 clear as a bell though. we start off innocently enough. you can see already little hint of the moisture out across western pa. really just matter of time. like we said, mainly this afternoon, winter weather advisory take effect at noon, because you could actually pick up couple every inches earn mainly unpaved surfaces but yes snow on the way for the highest terrain in our area and that of course is the poconos. 40 degrees though currently here at philadelphia international airport. temperatures have taken little bit of had ate since last check, but even though we have this chilly start, it is quiet for now. so by the time this wet weather gets here, we will have moderated well above freezing, and that means, it is basically a rain event for philly and the immediate vicinity, but the further north and west you travel, there will be some snow that mixing in, and as we said, the highest terrain is where you are going to even find maybe little bit of accumulation out of this system today. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody yes having relatively easy start. mainly right now what we have to deal with some ongoing construction.
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first we get check out in new jersey and see what's going on there. this is the 42 freeway right around creek road, northbound lanes, everything moving along just fine, that's where the headlights r so headed up into 295 currently no problems, no problems of course headed southbound, as well. now, over on 95, dealing with the ongoing construction, you can see cones set outright there, losing two right -- two left hand lanes, two right hand lanes actually just getting by right between vine and girard over on the northbound side. we do have house fire in conshohocken, actually went on by, so go backward for you house fire in conshohocken, wester fist closed between maple, for forest, take elm to get on by. currently dealing with a opening in the works for the tack kobe palmyra 50:00, a any second now you want to take the betsy ross bridge to avoid residual delays for the time being. out on pa turnpike dealing with construction westbound near the blue route, two left lanes are being blocked there currently, ukee, back over to you. >> jess, thank you. in the news this morning there are no injuries but
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plenty of damage in the fire along first avenue in conshohocken, montgomery county. flames broke out about 2:45 this morning and firefighters stay appears the fire started in the rear of the home. it was under control in about a half hour. well, fire investigators are also looking for the cause every deadly house fire in darby township. chopper three over the scene last night on the 1,000 block of jackson street. firefighters say when they got there, they heard explosions, coming from the house. nearby residents were evacuated as a precaution. after the smoke cleared firefighters found the body of an elderly homeowner in the basement. >> police in darby borough expect to file charges today in connection with the death after off duty police officer over the weekend. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now from the darby borough police department to tell you more about it, jan? >> reporter: ukee, erika, to up this point very little information has been released about officer mark hudson's death. authorities have said he was shot and killed in his very own home. he was killed using his very
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owner is advice weapon. now, they go on to say at home at the time with him only one other person. today we could learn more. >> people are upset. they are grieving. because why does this happen? why should it have happened? >> darby borough police chief robert smith, calling the death of one his own senseless. officer mark hudson shot and killed this weekend in his glenolden home with his owner is advice weapon. no suspects have been named at this time. but, authorities say at home, at the time of the shooting, was hudson's girlfriend, finch. >> unfortunately in this particular case there was only two people in that room in that area when this occurred. >> and "eyewitness news" has learned that finch is now in custody. on charges stemming from an incident this past august. that's when authorities say finch threatened 26 year old officer with a weapon following that incident sources say hudson took out a restraining order against his girlfriend. hudson, part time officer and volunteer firefighter was fatally shot in the chest on saturday. now, his fellow officers, and
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his mother, want justice. >> looking for some answers and so am i and we're hoping that the answers are coming shortly. >> now for that august incident finch faces a number of charges including assault possession after weapon making terroristic threats and again we should learn more information possibly charges being filed early this morning, in officer hudson's death. reporting live outside of the darby borough police department, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank if you. former pennsylvania death row inmate mumia abu-jamal; in critical condition at a schuylkill county hospital. attorneys for abu-jamal say that prison officials won't disclose the reason his hospitalization. abu-jamal is serving life sentence for the murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner in 1981. >> police looking foreman who allegedly pulled knife on septa bus driver, they hoped this surveillance video will help catch him. on march 21 the driver with a germantown and erie avenues now after the driver asked a
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man to clear the aisle police say the man became angry and pulled a knife on him. no one was hurt. if you have any information please contact the philadelphia police. negotiators are in the final day of talks intend today prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. the deadline is 6:00 this evening our how many. >> the negotiations have run into some stumbling blocks. but as michael bert reports there could be an extension. >> with less than 24 hours to go secretary of state john kerry, and leaders from five world powers, continue to press iran to agree to basic deal, that would rain in its nuclear programs for at least a decade. both sides realize there is a lot at steak. >> the down side of no deal is a nuclear arm middle east, and iran with a weapon. the upside after good deal is that iran is contained its nuclear pro game is contained. >> difficult issues remain, among them, tehran's desire to continue sensitive research and development into ooh rain
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yum enrichment before the agreement expires. another question, how iran would dispose of its existing stockpiles of at tomorrow i can fuel. possibly the biggest hurdle, iran wants immediate relief from crippling sanctions while the us wants to remove them over time. republicans law makers have already signalled congress will impose new us sanctions against iran if there is no agreement this week. over the weekends mitch mcconnell appeared alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem. as the israeli leader denounced the deal. >> will this make their move forward more moderate or will it make it more extreme? i think it is a no brainer. >> the white house is hoping both sides will agree to the framework by tonight to avoid a congressional showdown. western diplomats tell cbs news, that deadline could be extended if a deal is within reach. michael bert, cbs news, washington. and stay with "eyewitness news", as we stay up-to-date
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on talks for a nuclear deal with iran. and when you aren't near a tv you can always go on line to cbs news reports the two men who tried to crash the gates at the nsa headquarters spent the night before on a drug-fueled ben err. sources identify one of the suspect as 20 year old kevin phlegm egg of baltimore. an officer opened fire on an s.u.v. as it sped toward a secure entrance at the agency's campus in for the meade maryland. one of the two suspect was killed. it is unclear which one. >> learning this morning about the co-pilot who deliberately crashed the jet into the french at alms. 150 people were killed in the that crash. we're teal andre as lubitz had suicidal tendencies, had received psychotherapy before getting his pilots license. lufthansa declined whether it new about his mental health issues, but the company said he passed all required medical tests since his hiring two years ago. >> straight ahead this
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morning, allegations every inapropriate images shared on line. >> we're following the nude photo scandal at a local high school. stay tuned to hear from the superintendent of that school didistrict in a exclusive interview. that's coming up next. >> we'll be back.
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> superintendant of north penn high school speaks exclusively with david spunt. >> reporter: superintendent doctor kurt detrick told the investigation here at north penn high school zoo -- school is still in early stages, and message for all parents concerned about this recent scandal. >> serious matter. we want our parent to talk with their sons and daughters
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about this. so they can learn from this. >> told "eyewitness news", the photo scandal making its way through north penn high school is truck. >> we're working hard to be able to understand what's is happening here. it appears it happens in our community, and then it spills over into the schools. >> students told "eyewitness news", the photographs were posted on drop box the site lets users share photos on mobile phone or tablet. and in this case, the photos spread quickly. student took to social media encouraging fellow students to protest the behavior. >> "eyewitness news" chose to blur the identity of the two minors we spoke with. >> we are standing up for what we believe in in saying this is wrong. >> guys ask girls all the time i've been asked multiple times, do you have ignore it. >> hundreds of students fit mace to face with administrators during tee trick during assembly monday. >> very beneficial us to, and ben fish to the students also. >> district attorney risa furman is also on the case. >> these are felony offenses we're talking about sharing child pornography, sharing sexually explicit images of
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minors. >> doctor deet trick saidel continue to work with local police, and the d.a.'s office to pinpoint the source of the photo scandal. reporting from lansdale, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up on 5:13. we want traffic and weather together. and easy morning drive right? >> absolutely, at least not weather-related issues to go along with your morning cup of coffee, as you are sitting out there on the schuylkill. but what we will find later today is some round every rain and yep the s word, yep, there will be some snow. not in philly, though. this is definitely going to be one of those situations, where it is very much temperature dependent. we have a barge moving right on through. typically don't see any activity in this camera shot. cool stuff. but it is still clear. you have no issues making out the center city skyline off in the distance, very light wind. quiet start to the day. it is not going to stay that i way. here is your disturbance mixed bag of precipitation with it already. but walking quickly through future weather, may be couple of early showers come in later this morning but again as early as 10:00 a.m.,
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11:00 a.m. will still be past the typical rush, mainly afternoon, notice cold enough along i80 in the pocono region it will produce some snow. that's where could you pick up couple of inches which we will talk b further south you go, strictly just too warm for anything but rain. and as this is all wrapping up, we are going to see things wind down into the overnight hours. then things do calm down once again. breeze will kick in but it will dry out. that's the key. mainly on glassy surfaces where you will find any snow if it falls at allment again you have to go pretty far north. lehigh valley, far western suburbs, poconos especially, in the highest terrain. now the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, does have some much better weather news if you are looking ahead tote mild air. here you go, thursday, bright, sunny, little breezy, i give that you but we will take that 64 degrees hi, and roll with it, by friday the rain moves in with a new storm and it looks like that will leave behind some wet weather saturday morning but that was likely going to be the only spot that's wet at least for our easter weekend jess, over to you. >> thank katie. good morning everybody, 5:13.
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we hurry up, get outside before this camera actually goes away, and is not useful right now. because we are being look at the talcony palmyra bridge, currently in the middle of an opening, scheduled for 5:05 opening, just closing right now as you can see so you can expect some residual delays on either side of the bridge for right now if you do have to head out this way you want alternate, just in case, just take the betsy ross to get on by. as we head on over to the blue route around mid-county, no problems here, as well, if you are headed southbound, northbound, those lanes are all doing just fine. but, out in new jersey on 676 northbound camden, dealing with a accident on the right hand shoulder. right past morgan boulevard. still, a house fire, actually under control out in conshohocken, west first avenue still closed between maple and forestment take elm street, to get on by, although that is under control we'll let you know as soon as that closure is open. as for mass transit everything doing fine except for the route 36 trolley. deet l with subtle bussing passengers, septa new jersey
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patco speed line you get the idea, no delays. erika, back over to you. >> updating breaking news right now house fire in conshohocken, montgomery county. flames broke out 100 block of first avenue around 2:45 this morning. crews cut power to neighboring homes, while they battled this fire, which is now under control. there were no injuries. one man was killed in this house fire on jackson street in darby township. firefighters struggled with corded items inside the home. but about dozen homes were evacuated while fire crews battled the blaze because after possible gas leak. and, charges could come later today in the shooting death of off duty darby police officer mark hudson. hudson was shot to death in his glenolden home saturday afternoon. well, five years after local deadly workplace shooting in the families of the victims reef set maniment, but not the company that's paying the damages. we've got more details coming up. >> also ahead, authorities say this man was smashing up cars he was supposed to fix in delaware county, and officials say did he all of this for the
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money. we'll explain what he did coming up.
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>> injuries ores handed down verdicts us as owes avenue every georgia, finding they will neglect in the delts of donya whim son latonya brown in 2010. surveillance video from that plant which used to be known as nabisco showed a guard running away from the scene of the shooting. >> us security associates guards many of the largest facilities in philadelphia. this sends them a clear message that their guards can't simply run away in the event after crisis. they have to call management, they have to get on the pa system, they have to get on the walky-talky radios, and announce that there is a person in the building with a gun. >> us security associates issued a statement reading in part: us security associates believes that its personnel on
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duty on the night of the shooting made reasonable decisions and acted with courage in the face after direct threat to their own lives. we are disappoint in the today's verdict and intend to appeal. >> the owner after darby borough auto shop is out on bail this morning. he's among 11 people charged in a elaborate insurance fraud scheme. frank wilson owner of transformers collision specialists is accused of defrauding insurance companies of $85,000 with the help of ten co-conspirators. part of this alleged scheme involved causing damage to cars to inflate claims. wilson is also accused of offering kickbacks to people who refer customers his business with a portion of the insurance pay out. >> coming up on 5:20 in the morning, its new era for the daily show. more on the man who will succeed john stewart coming up this morning. >> funny guy. also hey this is first for tiger woods. his worse ranking in two decades. we'll tell you where he is on that list, coming up.
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>> dollars expedition 42 crew posts in the international space shuttle laboratory for marathon 342 day stay in orbit. the picture was provided by nasa. the twin brother of gabby gifford's husband mark kelly on board astronaunts scott kill i -- kelly said he is looking forwards to serving as test subject for medical research during the trip. he says the data will help pave the way for an eventual flight to mars. bring back down on right now and checking in on weather, katy? >> what, no marvin the martian? >> okay, you make me so angry. >> i mean, you have to please the people, common. >> i love my peeps. >> we missed you that's all i can say. all right giles, we tracking some quiet weather initially
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but then eventually little disturbance is going to nudge its way in, bring us little mixed bag, too, you can see the leading edge of the precipitation already, trying to move into the allegheny's here in central and western pa. and eventually, it is going to mess with your travel plans here primarily p.m. time frame. so it is all rain for philadelphia, the immediate vicinity, and down toward the shore. that includes delaware, if you go far enough west into central pa, north, beyond that point to the poconos, there will be snow that does mix in with this. the poconos specifically could actually pick up coating to up 2 inches of accumulation. primarily it is on unpaved surfaces meanwhile temperatures as they pertain to philly, low 50's, both today, tomorrow, but much different day tomorrow, as the sun returns with high pressure. and a nice spike on the thermometer with southerly component to the wind flow by thursday. jess, over to you. >> thanks, katie. good morning everybody 5:23. and, we're really quiet so far this morning, and dry definitely good thing. we start things off on the schuylkill expressway right
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around spring garden, you can see everything moving just fine. headlights are headed westbound, eastbound are the taillights headed into the sit, so currently, no problems there. now, over on 95, right around girard avenue, no problems here, as well, little more volume headed southbound into the city, northbound lanes doing just fine, as women a loft road work scattered on and off on 95, starting to create a little bit after problem. out in conshohocken, still dealing with the house fire, though. that is under control currently, but west first avenue still closed for the time being between maple and forest. you want to take elm street to get on by. dealing with road work also in camden, on the black horse pike near collings avenue. that's going to be in both directions. and as for the rest of the majors, you can see pretty much clear across the board no problems for the pa turnpike, blue route, 422, ukee, back over to you. >> thank you jess. in sports sixers and lakers might be at the bottom of the standings, about you they battled into the night last night in south philly. new orleans noel the big fellow tied the game until final minute of over time. yes, they went in extra
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stands hit 19 points, 14 rebounds for his ninth double double on the month of march. but the lakers wayne ellington out of episcopal spotted jordan clarkson under the bucket. that's your ballgame. wow, good game, went back and forth on fan appreciation night. that's it. right there. lakers win it, 113 to 111. sixers in dc tomorrow night. playing hard, you know, that's all you can really ask for at this point. you know, we made strides with other new guys we've had. i think is real close-knit group that, you know, goes out here, plays together. and, you know, i'm real proud of that. >> keep making those strides fellows. eagles are bolstering their receiving core picking up an olden any. another former cowboy. reports say the birds are getting miles austin, who played for the cleveland browns last year he missed time with a kidney problem and his old hamstring issues, but back in 09 and 2010 he rack up a thousand yards in dallas. the one year deal we're told
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worth $2.3 million. welcome miles. the birds are keeping demeco ryans. he's coming offer his second achilles injury. he best a big part of the birds defense and says he will be ready for training camp. he'll get 7.5 million over two years plus incentives, 6.25 million of that money is guaranteed. hey, speaking of football, pirates scored couple of touchdowns again the phillies yesterday. lots of scoring in this one. buckos hammered cup of homers against zach, both sides got little test tee before the game ended but no punches were thrown. it is still practice play. but the fighting's have to do little better than that, they come north in less than a week. phils play the blue jays today in florida and for the first time since 1996, tiger woods has fallen out of golf's top 100 golfers. tiger's now 104th in this week's official world golf ranking. that's down eight spots from last week. woods has won 14 majors and spent almost 700 weeks as pro-golf's number one player,
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but it has been rough very rough, the laws few years tiger says he hopes to play in this year's masters, which is right here on cbs in two weeks. erika? >> all right, thanks ukee, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us with new stud bye philadelphia traffic. it is not good. justin? >> reporter: that's right. if you think -- chances are you're right on the money, we have new ritz from social stud fry tom tom when i i see you coming up. >> justin, thank you also coming up wawa worker fired for little toy he says he was just use to go get customers to smile. so, did the punishment fit the crime? more information coming up. also katie returns with the latest on a system moving in today. you will need the umbrella you might even see some snow, depends on where you are. she will break it down. back in just two minutes.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you feel like you sit in traffic for most of your day, you might not be that far off. philadelphia has been named one of the worse traffic cities in the u.s. how much time the average driver spends in their car and how it compares to other cities across the country more on that coming up in just a moment. good morning everyone, keeping an eye on our weather also snow for certain parts of the region today. >> certain parts. >> certain parts. >> not everywhere. >> let's chill out little bit now, it will be okay. here's katie good morning. >> take a deep breath, hang on let's explain. yes, there is a disturbance that's rolling on through and yes, you know, we talked about this yesterday. it is still the time of year where if it comes in with the appropriate timing, if it comes in when we just had cool pool of thayer was sent our bay, yes, could you still find some snow. so it is not the most unheard of thing. but let me be clear. philadelphia you do not have


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